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Youth Worker Volunteers

We have a wide variety of ways that you can get involved with this amazingly important ministry.

If you want to teach, you can teach. If you want to sit back and laugh at teens being teens, you can do that too!!

There's something for everyone. Whether you have no kids or 20 kids, or if you are a stay at home parent with very little on your plate or if you are a single parent working 8 jobs and raising 12 kids, there is something you can do! Listed below are some of the areas that we need volunteers and a volunteer form with even more info on all areas you can help out in. You can download the PDF below and drop it off by the church.

Adult Volunteer Form PDF Version (click for a list of all of our volunteer opportunities)

Some areas that need volunteers are:

  • Wednesday Night Way Sponsors- These are the adults that help with our weekly Wednesday Youth Night. We hang out, play games, hear from guest speakers, and worship God together every Wednesday the youth are in school.
  • Bible Studies- We have two weekly bible studies. A Jr. High study on Sunday nights and a Sr. High study on Thursday nights. If you like talking about God's word or if you want to get a fresh perspective from a teen's p.o.v. check this out.
  • Cafe Ignite Worker- This is our youth Cafe'. Workers fix very simple coffee drinks on Sunday mornings before Sunday School. It's super easy and super fun!
  • Sunday School Teacher or Shepherd- Our teachers are on a 2 month rotation. Let us know if you are interested in teaching a class or maybe just sitting in on a couple of classes to check things out.
  • Praise Band Practice- Our youth group has it's very own BAND! We have a rehearsal every week and we need volunteers to just sit back and enjoy the music. Literally, all you have to do is be there. You can bring a good book or that stack of paperwork that needs to get done, sit in the back of the room and chill.
  • Transportation Team - Do you have a driver's license? Then you need to be on this team! When have outings away from the church, transporting 60 kids can be difficult, especially since we need to have at least two adults in every vehicle, so we need as many drivers/passengers as possible.
  • Other spots include: Photography, Bulletin Boards, Media (computer/soundboard/lights), and several others. Click the "Adult Volunteer Form" above for a full list.

Contact us today if you are interested in joining our "prestigious" team!!!!


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