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Does your child struggle with this common childhood problem? Check out our list of tips to help!

Need to choose a Bible App, but don't know where to begin? Let us help!

Choosing a Bible for your children can be an overwhelming task. We've designed our interactive PDF to help you narrow down your choices. Click each Bible to be taken the book's Amazon page where you can read discussions and reviews of the bible's material.

Need a little direction? Check out our recommendations on Christian Parenting.

Pets are an intimate part of a child's life.  What do you do when it's time to say goodbye.

Divorce is difficult, especially for children. Here are some resources to help.

Want help with teaching generosity to your children? We've compiled a list of resources to demonstrate model behavior and aid with discussion.

It's easy to find ourselves "helicoptering" over the children we love, let us recommend some resources to help with these behaviors.

Want to teach your child better prayer practices? Here is guide that can get you started.

Internet Safety can be overwhelming for the non-technical. Check out this fantastic website on parental controls, internet safety and other computer programs that help with keeping out all we don't wish our children to see.

How do we teach our children to love Jesus? Here are a couple of key ideas:

How to help our daughters deal with mean girls.

Let us recommend a few books to help you navigate those middle school and tween years.

Teaching your child how to be responsible can be an overwhelming task. Let us help!

How to talk to your child when terrible things happen.


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