Direction Devotions Series

‘Directions’ Sermon Guide for March 19, 2017


Series Title: "The God Story” Sermon 3 of 7 for Lent/Easter

Today’s Sermon: "Rising Action”

Scripture Selections: Exodus 16:2-4, Numbers 11:4-6


We started our "The God Story” series in a fitting place: In the Beginning.  In the first chapter of Genesis we find this interesting, captivating story of how the author and main character, God, got this whole thing spinning in motion.  After God created  humans, God did something revolutionary that gods aren’t supposed to do: God spoke to them.

That was Thread #1, our first connector that we will see throughout The God Story: God speaks because God likes us, and desires a relationship with us.

We talked last Sunday about Abraham and Sarah, and the laughable dream God gave them that at the age of 100 Abraham would become the father of a great nation.  We considered our own dreams, our own stories that we still hope to be written, and we learned about Thread #2:If God makes a promise, God keeps it.

Today we jump back into the God story at a place that is critical for understanding the connections or threads throughout the whole story. 

Last Sunday, March 12th, we also heard Rev. Humphries use a phrase that leads us into the message for today: "The God who leads also precedes.”

Points to Ponder:

1)   The "Rising Action” in today’s scripture compares well with the rising action in our own faith journey.  When we leave the past behind and allow God to lead us into the future, we will inevitably go through transitions.  In every transition there are three parts: an ending, a time of confusion, and a new beginning.

In today’s scriptural scenes, we begin to see the desperate need that the people of God have for a Savior and how hard it can be to walk the journey in the wilderness (or transition).  New challenges are presented in the story and we learn how God works in those difficult times.

3)   "Wilderness” times, times of change and transition can tempt us to long for the past, for what is more familiar and comfortable.  When these temptations come, we are encouraged to trust God’s promises. 


4)      Whenever "slavery back in Egypt” begins to look better to  you than the future God has promised you, remember Thread #3 in The God Story:  God will provide all you need for the journey.

5)      As a Christ-follower, remember especially the words of Jesus from John 6:31-36, paraphrased: "I am the bread from heaven. If anyone has me, they will live forever.” We find Jesus in the Rising Action, and he is all we need.

6)      Prayer For Today:  God of the Journey, we thank you for leading us into a new future, one you are preparing for us even now.  As we go through changes and challenges, help us never to go back to our old life.  Feed us today the living bread from heaven that will satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts. Amen.



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